About Us


Welcome to Rear Naked Joke Hold where we deliver MMA insights and commentary in the form of comics, illustrations and humor. MMA is a wonderful sport and we hope to help it continue its rise to the top.  Sometimes we are serious, sometimes we are completely facetious. Either way, we hope you see the deeper meaning behind the work we do.

Because we live in a visually stimulating world, most posts, or “holds”, will have some sort of visual element and not just boring text. (I’m surprised you have read this far actually!) And we think it is much more fun to share cool illustrations, comics and artwork than some long article that will be judged merely by the headline. We aim to keep the action going by submitting at least two “holds” a week so stay tuned in.

You can contact us by visiting our contact page, leaving a comment on any one of the “holds” or send a message on Twitter. See you on fight night!


Being MMA enthusiasts ourselves, we aim to use this website and its content to further enrich the world of MMA. You will find,  much of the content on this site is in parody, hence the name Rear Naked Joke Hold, but  all content on this site is meant to be thoughtful commentary on the sport of MMA and the community we love. Sometimes we poke fun at others but it’s all meant in good fun and not meant to cause harm to anyone.